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Polymerization of tetrasubstituted allylmethylsilanes. III. Kinetics of the polymerization of triallylmethylsilane and tetraallylsilane

A. Hrivík and D. Mikulášová

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: cf. C.A. 52, 9950b. The polymerization of (CH2:CHCH2)3SiMe (I) and (CH2:CHCH2)4Si (II) in the presence of (Me3CC6H4)2O2 at 110-140° with up to 10% conversion was studied. It was detd. that the polymerization speed increases with the no. of double bonds in the mol. The linear relationship between the polymerization speed and the 1st power of the initiator concn. was maintained for both I and II. By graphical solving of Arrhenius' equation the total activation energy of radical polymerization was calcd. to be for I 60-63 kcal./mole (calcd. for 1 double bond, Ε = 20-21 kcal./mole) and for II 75.5-78 kcal./mole (calcd. for 1 double bond, Ε = 18.8-19.5 kcal./mole).

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Chemical Papers 12 (1) 32–36 (1958)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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