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The theory of equilibrium of multiple-component (C-components) of condensed systems. I. Systems with a simple eutectic point

M. Malinovsk√Ĺ

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The application of calculus to equil. states of multiple-component (C-components) systems is described. The structural components can be defined as definite combinations of solid phases in the given system. The concept of characteristic figures is shown which is described as the geometrical locus of allocation points of alloys in the phase diagram contg. at least one and at most (k - 1) structural components. Also the concept of the elementary crystn. space (I) is presented. A (k - 1) dimensional phase diagram of a condensed system of k-components in equil. implies the existence of (k - 1) dimensional space. During cooling all the inner alloys of this space exercise the same development of crystn. and the same order of sepn. of solid phases. I can be defined as a combination (without repetition) of (k - 1) class composed of definite components occurring in the given system or, as a permutation (without repetition) of k-solid phases existing in the given system. The algebraic definitions can be applied for the detn. of structural components of different orders and also for the detn. of the elementary crystn. spaces in the space diagrams of the k-components condensed equil. systems.

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Chemical Papers 12 (1) 3–16 (1958)

Monday, July 15, 2024

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