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The synthesis of vinyl acetate in the gas phase. II. Optimum volumetric velocity. Time-volume yields and life of the catalyst

J. Janda and A. Vanko

Research Institute for Acetylenchemistry, Nov√°ky


Abstract: cf. C.A. 52, 8041h. The optimum conditions for the synthesis of AcOCH:CH2 (I) from C2H2 and AcOH on a solid Zn catalyst (II) are given. The compn. of II is 50% Zn(OAc)2 on the active C of the 'Dezorex FB' on 'Bensorbon S' type surface area 600-800 sq. m./g., optimum reaction temp. 190°, molar ratio of C2H2 to AcOH 6-8:1, optimum flow of C2H2 120-140 l./hr./l. II, and time-vol. yields corresponding to these conditions 55 g. I/hr./l. II. In the beginning of the synthesis the reaction temp. should be lowered and the amt. of C2H2 increased to 8-10:1 C2H2-AcOH. With gradual exhaustion of the II, the temp. should be raised and the amt. of C2H2 decreased to 4:1.

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Chemical Papers 12 (11) 657–669 (1958)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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