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Metastable range of supersaturated solutions of glucose

J. Vašátko and O. Smelík

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: To find the metastable range of glucose (I), the concn. of I in H2O was detd. refractometrically. Systems of easily forming metastable supersatd. soln. were studied. To det. the metastable range a method of isothermic evapn. of I solns. under still condition was applied. For I hydrate coeffs. of supersatn. are relatively high and range 1.25 to 1.12 for 48.7 to 79.5% concn. at 5 to 50°. The highest values are reached at 20 to 25°. Above 25° they decrease. For I anhyd. coeffs. of supersatn. are 1.09 to 1.06 for 75.7 to 87.6% concn. at 45 to 84°.

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Chemical Papers 13 (12) 807–816 (1959)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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