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The preparation of some dialkyl xanthogen disulfides

Š. Kamenár, V. Václavek, and J. Gašperík

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: In the copolymerization of butadiene with styrene, dialkyl xanthogen disulfides (I) were applied as carriers of the chain. The following [ROC(S)S]2 were made (R and description given): Me, -; Et, -; Pr,-; iso-Pr, green, m. 56.7°; Bu, -; iso-Bu, -; sec-Bu, yellow-orange oil, d20 1.1452, nD20 1.5800; Am, light yellow oil, d20 1.1158, nD20 1.5700; iso-Am, -; neopentyl, green; n-hexyl, yellow-orange oil, d20 1.0859, nD20 1.5576; cyclohexyl, viscous orange-red liquid, d20 1.2120, nD20 1.6110; n-heptyl, yellow-orange oil, d20 1.0640, nD20 1.5510. Of the unknown compds. phys. consts. are reported; of the known compds. they are verified. Polarographic detn. can be applied to all compds. The lower homologs of I have a little inhibitive effect on Kloeckera brevis and Streptococcus aureus and the higher ones have no effect.

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Chemical Papers 13 (10) 588–591 (1959)

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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