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Use of infrared absorption spectroscopy for the determination of the degree of crystallization of polypropylene, prepared by stereospecific polymerization

I. Diačik and M. Jambrich

Forschungsinstitut für Chemiefasern in Svit


Abstract: The method is based on measurement of integrated extinction of 999 cm-1 band corresponding to the crystn. range. For calcn. of the cryst. part, the 974 cm-1 control band, governed by the Lambert-Beer law, is applied. A method for the detn. of the k value, expressing the relation between the cryst. part and the integrated effective extinction is given; k is 0.02380. The infrared absorption spectrum of isotactic polymer in fused state (200°) corresponds to the spectrum of the polymer of the Et2O polypropylene fraction at normal temp. (20°). By comparing results of x-ray analysis and infrared absorption spectra, it was found that the polymer of the Et2O fraction did not have 3-dimensional periodicity.

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Chemical Papers 14 (7) 540–546 (1960)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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