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Study of 'Harden-Young's' effect. V. Purification of the barium salt of diphosphate ester of D-fructose

A. Vojtková-Lepšíková and A. Kocková-Kratochvílová

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: cf. CA 52, 7926a.-For purification of the Ba salt of the diphosphate ester of D-fructose, 3 methods were applied: those of Meskova and Severin (Praktikum Po Biochemii Zivotnych, Moscow, 1950), of Robison and MacFarlane (Methoden der Fermentforschung, Leipzig, 1941), and of the authors. Only the authors' method was found satisfactory: The crude Ba salt of phosphorylated D-fructose was dissolved in 5 times amt. of H2O at pH 4.0 made up with N HCl, mixed well, and cooled. The insol. part was sepd. by filtration and a double amt. of 96% EtOH added to the filtrate. The formed ppt. was filtered off and dried in vacuo over P2O5. This procedure was repeated 3 times.

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Chemical Papers 15 (9) 647–650 (1961)

Monday, October 18, 2021

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