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Semiquantitative paper-chromatographic microdetermination of silica in the presence of phosphate, carbonate, sulfate, and arsenate

E. Malý

Institute of Industrial Hygiene and Accusational Medicine, in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia


Abstract: Sol. silicates derived from SiO2, by alkali fusion were sepd. from a mixt. of phosphates, carbonate, sulfate and arsenate by 2 solvent systems. System A was composed of Whatman No. 2 paper, satd. aq. Sr(OH)2 (ascending, 17 cm./15 hrs.) and system B, of Whatman 1 paper, 96% EtOH, satd. sq. Sr(OH)2 soln. 23:25 (15 cm./5 hrs.). Faintly yellow-green fluorescing spots of Sr silicate were outlined in ultraviolet light and evaluated planimetrically. The av. areas of Sr silicate spots were 497,323,173, and 76 sq. mm. in system A, and 1052, 768, 461, and 159 sq. mm. in system B.

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Chemical Papers 15 (11-12) 918–921 (1961)

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