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The effect of acetylene and some of its homologs on oxo synthesis

V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha

Research Institute for Petrochemistry, Nováky


Abstract: C2H2 (I) and its Me (II) and di-Ph (III) homologs had at 150° in discontinuous expts. of propylene (IV) oxonation, and at concns. of 0.2 wt.-% of Co [added as Co(II) stearate or dicobaltooctacarbonyl] an inhibition effect on the oxo synthesis. In the presence of 0.2 wt.-% of I (calcd. on IV), the proper inhibition time was 30 min., of 0.4%, 60 min., 0.8%, 150 min., and 1.0%, 225 min. After the inhibition period was terminated, the speed of the oxo synthesis was the same as in the expt. without I. A greater inhibition was caused by II and III, II was 2.5 times as effective as I, and III, 21.5 times as effective. By using beforehand prepd. dicobalto octacarbonyl (in comparison with the Co (II) salt, calcd. on the same amt. of Co), the inhibition period was shorter. A redn. of the inhibition period with equal amts. of acetylenic mixts. could be achieved by applying an increased amt. of Co.

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Chemical Papers 15 (11-12) 830–838 (1961)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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