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Hydroformylation of propylene in the presence of isobutyraldehyde as solvent

V. Macho

Research Institute for Petrochemistry, Nováky


Abstract: Discontinuous isochronous expts. (60 min.) on hydroformylation of propylene (Ia) at 150° with Co tetracarbonyl as catalyst, showed that increasing the amt. of isobutyraldehyde (I) as solvent resulted in an increase of the yield of butyraldehyde (II), but at the same time more high-boiling products (III) were formed. By using 0.1% catalyst (wt. calcd. on Ia) and without adding I, the wt. ratio of II-I was 1.42 and 10.8% III. When 20% of I was added, the II-I ratio was 2 and 14.2% III and with 90% of I added the II-I ratio was 3.3 and 22.1% III. No equil. II ↹ I could be established. The addn. of I did not affect the primary formation of II and I but partially prevented the equil. reactions.

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Chemical Papers 16 (9) 667–672 (1962)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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