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Conversion of technical mixtures of polyhydric phenols into resinous products. V. The condensation of diphene and pyrocatechol residues with formaldehyde in the presence of an acid catalyst and without a catalyst

J. Gašperík, K. Zvachová-Huppmanová, and J. Zvach

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The isotherms of the condensation of diphene and pyrocatechol residues with HCHO with and without an acid catalyst were dotal. A method was described to det. the max. amt. of HCHO which is bound to the polyphenol component in the presence of alkali, an acid, and without a catalyst. In all types of condensation, the polyphenol components bind approx. the same amt. of HCHO (55.7-61.5%). Without catalyst, the condensation actually takes place with a trace of HCO2H always present in tech. HCHO.

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Chemical Papers 16 (7) 526–531 (1962)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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