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Changes of acetals under the conditions of the oxo synthesis

V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha

Research Institute for Petrochemistry, Nováky


Abstract: Under the conditions of the oxo synthesis, acetals are not only formed, but also at the same time they are decompd., with the main reactions of hydrolysis, hydrogenolysis, and thermal decompn. The speed of these reactions linearly increases from 120° to 170°. At 120°/200 atm. pressure of synthesis gas (1:1 CO-H2) and 0.2% to 0-3% Co, 12% of butyraldehyde dibutyl acetals is decompd., at 150°, 28%, and at 170°, 40%. With the addn. of H2O, the speed of decompn. is increased. By using isobutyraldehyde diisobutyl acetal at 150° and 0.2% Co, after finishing the expt., 17.5% fraction is formed up to 125°, with the addn. of 10% water, 57.5%. By using N in place of synthesis gas up to 125°, only 3.5% fraction is formed. The relation of individual reactions can be expressed as: hydrolysishydrogenolysis-thermal decompn. 16:5:1. In the fraction up to 150% formed from iso-PrCH(OBu iso)2, by chromatographic detn. iso-PrCHO, iso-Bu2O, isobutenyl isobutyl ether and iso-BuOH were identified.

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Chemical Papers 16 (1-2) 65–72 (1962)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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