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Spectrophotometric study of solutions of chromium(III) complexes in alkali thiocyanates medium

V. Holba

Komensky University, Bratislava


Abstract: The systems tris(ethylenediamine)chromium(III) and hexacarbamidochromium(III) complexes with NaSCN were studied by the spectrophotometric method. There is a formation of ion pairs immediately after the solns. are mixed, which is shown by the movement of the absorption in the area of wavelengths 270-290 mμ in the direction of longer wavelengths. From the relation between this shift and the concn. of NaSCN, it can be assumed that the degree of the assocn. is small. The changes in the curves with time are attributed to slow substitution reactions at which NaCNS enters into the sphere of the complex and pushes out ethylenediamine or urea. Isosbestic points in the absorption curves of tris(ethylenediamine)Cr(III) were observed, indicating that there are no follow-up reactions in the system in a given time interval.

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Chemical Papers 16 (10) 713–718 (1962)

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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