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Colorimetric determination of diethylenetriamine in ethylenediamine

P. Kuba and T. Banič

Chemische Werke Georgi Dimitroff, Nationalunternehmen, Bratislava


Abstract: Ethylenediamine (I) and diethylenetriamine (II) form, resp., violet (absorbance 550 mμ) and blue (620 mμ) complexes with Cu++ in an alk. medium. The blue II-complex forms first, after addn. of exactly 2.5 ml. 1% CuSO4 soln. This amt., necessary for quant. formation of the II-complex was established exptl. by studying the relation between the absorbance and the amt. of Cu++ added to 100 ml. standard samples contg. 1-10 mg. II/ 200 mg. I. The violet complex forms only after an addn. of an excess of CuSO4 soln. The absorbance of 200 mg. I in 100 ml. sample is proportional to the excess of Cu++/l. (20 ml. of 1% CuSO4 soln.) and reaches approx. 1/5 of the max. value for this quantity of sulfate. Excess of I does not affect the absorbance of II. Max. absorbance is reached in 1 hr. The relative error for 0.1-10% II is <4%.

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Chemical Papers 17 (6) 445–448 (1963)

Thursday, March 23, 2023

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