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Stability of polycarbonate solutions

G. Glöckner

Tech. Univ., Dresden, Germany.


Abstract: Polycarbonates U (I) are prepd. by transesterification of bis(hydroxyphenyl) alkanes (II) with (PhO)2CO; polycarbonates G (III) are prepd. in a two-phase solvent system by reaction of II and COCl2 (Schnell, CA 52, 8089i). Solns. of I in mixts. of purified CHCl3 or (CH2Cl)2 and MeOH exhibit a very slight increase of viscosity in 30 days. Solns. of III, under the same conditions, exhibit a gradual decrease of viscosity which tends asymptotically to values equal to about 85% of the initial values (contrary to Yakubovich, et at., CA 57, 1043h), and which depends on the amt. of MeOH in the mixt.; alcoholysis of the polymer is the most probable cause of this decrease. The resistance of I to alcoholysis is probably due to its higher degree of branching, and the slight increase of viscosity to some aggregation (Kuhn and Moser, CA 55, 18272c).

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Chemical Papers 17 (6) 419–424 (1963)

Thursday, March 23, 2023

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