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Potentiometric determination of sulfuric and lactic acids in admixture

M. Fedoro┼łko, K. Linek, and C. Peciar

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: A neutralization anal. method was described for the detn. of H2SO4, CH3CHOHCOOH (I), and some volatile acids in a mixt. in nonaq, media by applying a potentiometric indication of equiv. points. For the detn. of H2SO4 and I, iso-PrOH, and in the presence of volatile acids, acetone media were the best. For titration in both cases 0.1 N iso-PrO3 Na in iso-PrOH was applied. In concns. of 10-100 mg. the exactness of the detn. of H2SO4 and I is ±1% for H2SO4 in the presence of volatile acids is ±1%, and for the other acids ±2%.

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Chemical Papers 17 (3) 194–200 (1963)

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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