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The determination of the particle dimensions in natural rubber by a method of light diffusion and by the viscosity

J. Vavra

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The dimensions of macromols. of unfractionated natural rubber in cyclohexane soln. were detd. by a method of light diffusion and by a viscometric method. The value ̅Rz = 1240 A. was obtained by the Zimm method (Z. and Stockmayer, CA 44, 4734e) for detg. the gyrating radius of the rubber particles, and the value 1130 A. was obtained by the Debye method (CA 41, 2293h). For the calcn. of av. dimensions of a sphere from the viscometric data, a useable relation by Flory (CA 43, 5262h) was applied, which showed ̅hz = 1340 A. and Rz = 750 A. The detd. parameters were compared with the parameters detd. by Altgeld and Schulz for 'a specially purified' natural rubber (CA 54, 13707c). For the theoretical calcn. of particle dimensions, the Chistorazum (CA 49, 3619c) relation was applied showing the value for natural rubber, ̅h/̅h0 = 1.7, which is the same as Wagner's and Flory's values (CA 46,3311d).

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Chemical Papers 17 (10-11) 703–708 (1963)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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