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Crystallization of anhydrous α-D-glucose

J. Vašátko, A. Smelík, and J. Studnický

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The conditions for the formation of macrocrystals of uniform size and dimensions of α-D-glucose (I) from a metastable, supersatd. soln. contg. 5-10% EtOH are described. At the beginning of the crystn., the soln. is labile and must not be inoculated but mixed; after the previous formation of seed crystals, the crystn. must be carried out under metastable conditions with a time of crystn. >24 h. and ≤1° cooling in 3 h. The size of crystals is >0.50 mm. The amts. applied in crystn. were: glucose 85-89, H2O 10-13.5, and EtOH 1-4 g. In order to decrease the formation of seed crystals at crystn., the soln. should contain 5-10% EtOH (on the basis of the wt. of H2O), the decrease in soln. temp. should be in relation to the limits of the metastable conditions, and moderate mixing (up to 5 r.p.m.) should be according to the size of the crystals. Sedimentation and local cooling should not occur.

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Chemical Papers 18 (8) 597–606 (1964)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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