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Determination of lobeline in biological fluids

E. Hradský and K. Barna

University of P. J. Šafárik, Košice


Abstract: Lobeline was detd. by a turbidimetric method based on the pptn. of lobeline with Nessler reagent. The method was applied to urine and blood serum. To 10 ml. of fresh urine add 100 γ HgCl2 and 1 ml. 2N NaOH, filter, and to the filtrate add 2 ml. 10% HCl and 0.2 ml. Nessler reagent. Measure turbidity after 20 min. at 580 mμ. For blood serum, dialyze 5 ml. with 10 ml. 0.5M NaCl, add 1 ml. 10% HCl and 0.2 ml Nessler reagent to 5 ml. of the dialyzate and measure as with urine. Urinary lobeline concns. of 5-50 γ/ml. (blood 2-20 γ/ml.) were detectable.

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Chemical Papers 18 (7) 542–546 (1964)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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