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Structural-sorption properties, of bentonite from Fintice

J. Masár

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Komenský University, Bratislava


Abstract: The adsorption isotherms of benzene and water vapors on bentonite from Fintice were estd. at 20°. For comparison of adsorptive properties, the adsorption isotherms of benzene and water vapors on West German Tonsil AC was taken as standard. Adsorption of benzene vapor on bentonite is about 1/2 that on Tonsil AC. These two sorbents belong, according to the Kiselev' classification (CA 43, 6033i), to the 4th structural type (unhomogeneously porous). The sp. surface computed on the basis of the B.E.T. equation is different for polar and nonpolar materials. In the case of benzene adsorption the sp. surface of bentonite is less than that of Tonsil AC; for water adsorption the difference is small. The adsorption properties are best described by the equation of Joyner, et al. (CA 40, 13761). Bentonite is suitable as a cheap raw material for the adsorption of water and other polar compounds.

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Chemical Papers 18 (7) 533–541 (1964)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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