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Oscillopolarographic and chromatographic study of disrupted stability of lobelines

V. Parrák, E. Radějová, and F. Machovičová

Staatliches Institut für Arzneimittelprüfung, Bratislava


Abstract: The sepn. of chem. closely-related lobeline (I), lobelanine (II) and lobelanidine (III), and acetophenones (IV), which are degradation products of lobeline, with oscillopolarographic and thin layer chromatographic methods was described. Oscillopolarographic detns. at 1 × 10-3M concn. in 1M LiOH soln. showed characteristic incisions with Q values 0.68, 0.77, 0.90 cathodic and 0.23, 0.50 (0.60) anodic for I, 0.64, 0.85 cathodic and 0.25, 0.50 anodic for II and (0.43), 0.72 cathodic and 0.50 anodic for III. IV in the presence I, in Britton-Robinson buffer (pH 6.5), showed an incision of Q value 0.75. Thin-layer detns. showed Rf-values 0.65 for I, 0.84 for II, 0.34 for III and 0.95 for IV.

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Chemical Papers 18 (5-6) 369–377 (1964)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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