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Chemistry of rare earth elements. XVIII. Scandium chloroacetates

J. Pokorný

Lehrstuhl für anorganische Chemie an der Technischen Hochschule für Chemie, Praha


Abstract: By dissolving freshly prepd. Sc(OH)3 in the corresponding acids, monochloroacetate (I), hydroxidodichloroacetate (II), and trichloroacetate (III) of Sc were prepd. I and III are normal salts, and II is a monobasic salt. They are sol. in H2O and form small irregular crystals for which Debye-Scherrer patterns were obtained. The thermal decompn. is endothermic with the volatilization of Cl and COCl2 and the formation of Sc2O3. I contained 13.95% Sc, II 13.15, and III 8.21. The decompn. of I and II started at 250°, and was practically completed at 450°. The decompn. of III started at 100°; almost all the decompn. occurred at 250° but was not completed until 350°. At 700° pure Sc2O3 was obtained which did not contain Cl. The Sc ion had a slight effect on the ir spectra, but the effects of the original acids remained. The influence of Cl was noted by the decreased absorption of the CH2 group at 3000 cm-1 The valence vibration of the CCl bond was at 700-800 cm-1

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Chemical Papers 19 (8) 635–640 (1965)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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