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Chemistry of rare earth elements. XVII. Scandium, yttrium, and lanthanum hypophosphites

J. Pokorný

Lehrstuhl für anorganische Chemie an der Technischen Hochschule für Chemie, Praha


Abstract: cf. CA 54, 12856i, 15048e; 62, 6119d. Hypophosphites of Sc, Y, and La were prepd. by dissolving the hydroxides or La carbonate in the soln. of H3(H2PO2)3. These products are normal salts of the compn. MIII(H2PO2)3, cryst. and insol. in H2O and org. solvents. They were studied by the x-ray and ir methods. They are not cryst. if formed by pptn. Spectra measured at 8000-400 cm-1 correspond to anions. At 1050-1200 cm-1 there are 2 strong bands and at 800 cm.-1 a strong band characterizing the PO bond. By heating in air, the decompn. of the hypophosphites was detd. quant. by the thermogravimetric method in vacuo. Sc(H2PO2) decompd. at 350°, Y(H2PO2) very rapidly at 450°, and La(H2PO2) very slowly at 300-350°. In all cases, the remaining residue was a red powder, amorphous by x-ray analysis.

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Chemical Papers 19 (8) 628–634 (1965)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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