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Salts of periodic acid. XI. Lead periodates

M. Drátovský and J. Matějčková

Lehrstuhl für anorganische Chemie der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät an der Karlsuniversität, Praha


Abstract:   The thermal decompn. of Pb3(IO5)2·H2O, Pb2I2O9·3H2O, and Pb4I2O11·5H2O at increasing temp. from 50 to 700° was described. Pb2I2O9·3H2O starts to decomp. at 155° with the loss of H2O and O and with the formation of PbIO4 contg. formally sexivalent I. Pb3(IO5) starts to decomp. at 170° with the formation of a nonstoichiometric product with the ratio of I:O = 1:3.30. Pb4I2O11·5H2O loses at 100° part of the H2O with the formation of a lower hydrate. The final product of the thermal decompn. of all 3 periodates is a mixt. of PbO and Pb3O4. X-ray patterns of PbIO4 and Pb2I2O9·3H2O are different than those of Pb3(IO5)2·H2O, Pb2I2O9·3H2O, and H5IO6. The chem. individuality of PbIO4 and the existence of sexivalent I was also detd. by measuring the magnetic susceptibility.

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Chemical Papers 19 (8) 604–610 (1965)

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