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Benzoyl peroxide-initiated changes of polystyrene and poly(methylmethacrylate)

R. Rado

Forschungsinstitut für Kabel und Isolierstoffe, Bratislava


Abstract: The changes in polystyrene (I) and poly(Me methacrylate) (II), initiated by the thermal decompn. of (BzO)2 and detd. from the viscometric measurements in macromol. solns., were described. I measured in PhMe soln. at 30° and II measured in C6H6 soln. at 25° both show a steady decrease in the limiting viscosity no. with increasing concn. of (BzO)2 during thermal decompn. at 79.8° for 10 hrs. The changes in I and II are attributed to degradation reactions. These results and the results obtained with polyisobutylene and polypropylene indicate that the changes initiated by (BzO)2 are in the structure of the chains which det. the ability of the macroradicals to undergo interpolymer reactions. In the case of (-CH2CR2-)n, the formation of radical is on the methylene group, and in the case of (-CH2CHR-)n, on the same C atom as the R group.

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Chemical Papers 19 (10) 792–796 (1965)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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