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Periodate oxidation of saccharides. II. Oxidation of maltose and determination of total formic acid

K. Babor, V. Kaláč, and K. Tihlárik

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 9


Abstract: cf. CA 63, 3622d. The total HCO2H formed during periodate oxidn. of maltose was detd. The aldehyde group was changed into formyl ester which represented one half of the free forming HCO2H. The reaction occurred at pH 7.0. After the periodate oxidn. of maltose, contg. 1 to 3 mg. HCO2H, 0.5 ml. ethylene glycol was added and the soln. let stand for 15 min. at room temp. Then 5 ml. 0.4M KI and 10 ml. 0.01N Na2S2O3 were added. After standing for 4 hrs. at room temp. the soln. was titrated with 0.01N I (loc. cit.).

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Chemical Papers 20 (8) 595–599 (1966)

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

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