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Phase complexes from equilibrium phase diagrams. II

M. Malinovsk√Ĺ

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract:   A general procedure for the detn. of the no. of all basic phase complexes and a form for the calcn. of the inner phase complexes of the equil. diagrams are described. Both methods were applied to the systems with an arbitiary no. of components contg. 1 or 2 binary chem. compds. For the system contg. 1 binary chem. compd. melting congruently the following were detd.: ΣFk(sum) = 3.2k - 1 and ΣFk(inner) = 3.2k-1 + 3. For the system contg. 2 binary chem. compds. which fuse congruently the equations are: ΣFk(sum) = 2k+2 - 1 and ΣFk(inner) = 2k+1 + 5. ΣFk(sum) is the no. of all (inner and outer) phase complexes, ΣFk(inner) is the no. of the inner phase complexes and k is the no. of the components in the system.

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Chemical Papers 20 (10) 716–728 (1966)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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