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Determination of the vapor-liquid equilibrium in the water-trioxane system

Š. Ďuraš

Chemko, n. p., Strážske


Abstract: The vapor-liquid equil. was studied in the H2O-trioxane system. The activity coeffs. were calcd. from the b.p. of the azeotrope and the of the H2O-trioxane mixt. The b.p. of the azeotrope is 91.5° at the compn. x1 = y1 = 0.682, where x1 is the mole fraction of H2O in the liquid and y1 the mole fraction of H2O in the vapor. From the known dependence of the b.p. on the compn. of the mixt. under const. pressure, the apparent activity coeffs. were detd. by the method of Carlson (C. and Colburn, CA 36: 34109), which by graphical extrapolation were calcd. to be: A' = 0.632 and B' = 1.130. The activity coeffs. v1 and v2 can be expressed by the following equations: log v1 = 0.632/(1 + (x1/x2) 0.559)2, log v2 = 1.130/(1 + (x2/x1) 1.788)2. An equil. curve y - x was devised from the activity coeffs., which was applied as a base for the calcn. of the continuous rectification. Activity coeffs. and rectification results are given.

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Chemical Papers 21 (3) 177–181 (1967)

Saturday, January 29, 2022

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XXVIII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry
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