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Isolation of lignin-polysaccharide complexes from the soluble portions of methylated wood

B. Kosiková, J. Polčin, and M. Dandárova-Vašátková

Inst. Chem., Slovak Acad. Sci., Bratislava


Abstract: The identification of the lignin-polysaccharide complex from the sol. part of methylated sprucewood was studied. The amt. of methoxy groups increased from 11.0% by methylation with CH2N2 to 34.7% by subsequent methylation with Me2SO4. The changes were detd. by ir spectra before and after methylation. For lignin, the characteristic absorption bands are at 1270, 1515, and 1600 cm-1 and for the polysaccharides at 900-1200 cm-1 After methylation there is a new band at 950 cm-1 corresponding to the OMe groups. The methylated part was further extd. with various solvents and tested by an ir spectrophotometric method and thin-layer chromatog. The EtOH soln. contained the lignin-saccharide complex which, by hydrolysis with 4% H2SO4, was sepd. into insol. lignin and sol. saccharide. Before the hydrolysis, the ratio of lignin to saccharide was 1:1.5; after hydrolysis, 1:1.3.

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Chemical Papers 21 (1-2) 23–34 (1967)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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