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Method for measuring electrical conductivity in molten fluorides

V. Daněk, M. Malinovský, and K. Matiašovský

Institut für anorganische Chemie der Slowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften,. Bratislava


Abstract: The effect of the frequency on the measured value of the cond. of the molten NaF, Li3AlF6, and Na3AlF6 is described. It was detd. that up to a certain frequency, the measured resistance is dependent on the current. This frequency is specific for the individual fluorides. The measured resistance is const. at the higher frequencies. The cond. of NaF is 4.93 (ohm cm.)-1 at 1020° and 4.19 (ohm cm.)-1 for Li3AlF6 at 1000°. The dependence of the activation energy of the cond. of NaF and Li3AlF6 on the temp. was detd. and the isotherm of the activation energy in the system of molten Li3-AlF6-Na3AlF6 was constructed at 1000°.

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Chemical Papers 22 (9) 707–714 (1968)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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