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Electrical conductivity of fused salts in the lithium fluoride-aluminum fluoride and lithium fluoride-sodium aluminum fluoride systems

V. Daněk, M. Malinovský, and K. Matiašovský

Institut für anorganische Chemie der Slowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Bratislava


Abstract: The elec. cond. of LiF and of fused salts in the LiF-AlF3 and LiF-Na3AlF6 systems was measured at the frequency 18 kHz. The elec. cond. of LiF is 8.54 ohm-1 cm.-1 at 900° and 8.66 ohm-1 cm.-1 at 950°. The isotherms and polytherms of the elec. conds. in the fused LiF-AlF3 and LiF-Na3AlF6 systems at 800-1100° were constructed and the dependence of the elec. conds. on the compn. at the temp. of the primary crystn. was detd. There is an increase of the elec. cond. in the fusion of LiF-AlF3 at the temp. of the primary crystn. with the increasing concn. of Li+. The participation of Li+ in the transport of the current in the fusion LiFNa3AlF6 is shown in the decrease of the temp. up to the temp. of the eutectic crystn. The activation energies of the elec. conds. were calcd.; they are 1.97 kcal./mole for LiF and 2.85 kcal./mole for Na3AlF6 at 1000°.

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Chemical Papers 22 (9) 641–647 (1968)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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