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Uranyl ion complexes in concentrated chloride, perchlorate, and nitrate solutions

J. Čeleda, V. Jedináková, and F. Šmirous

Department of Technology of Nuclear Fuel and Radiochemistry, The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


Abstract:  By the method of apparent molar volumes the uranyl ion has been found to bond besides the two oxygen atoms in the first coordination sphere other four ligands in all media investigated. In Perchlorate solutions no inner-sphere perchlorato-complexes are formed, neither there proceeds, as shown by electrophoretic measurements, any formation of electroneutral outer-sphere complexes. In nitrate solutions both nitrate ligands enter the inner coordination sphere of the uranyl ion and a complex [U02(H20)2(N03)2] is formed. No significant association of further nitrate anions in outer sphere takes place. In chloride solutions at concentrations above 1 м -Cl-, a monochlorotriaquodioxouranic inner-sphere complex has been found to form to which another chloride ion in outer sphere associates. At concentrations above 7 м chloride solutions a negatively charged particle with another chloride ion in outer coordination sphere is formed.

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Chemical Papers 22 (2) 93–101 (1968)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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