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Hydroformylation of 2,4-dichlorophenyl allyl ether. Preparation of γ-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)butyric and γ-phenoxybutyric acids

J. Střešinka, V. Macho, and E. J. Mistrik

Forschungsinstitut für Petrochemie, Nováky


Abstract: The effect of the reaction conditions on the hydroformylation of 2,4-dichlorophenyl allyl ether (I) in the presence of 0.2% Co as Co2(CO)8 was described. The most favorable conditions are reaction time 30 min. [so that the max. amt. (69.7%) of C10 aldehydes (calcd. from formyl groups) are formed] and 140°. γ-(2,4-Dichlorophenoxy)butyric acid (II) and γ-phenoxybutyric acid (III) were prepd. from I and allyl phenyl ether, resp., by hydroformylation and oxidn. with Ag2O in NaOH at 60° for 180 min. Yield and m.p. were detd.: II, 92.5%, 107-10°, III 90%, 65.7-66.2°. These acids have satisfactory herbicidal effects.

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Chemical Papers 22 (11) 844–850 (1968)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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