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Copper(II) cyanate complexes with organic ligands. I. Copper(II) cyanate complexes with ligands of the quinoline and isoquinoline groups of the type Cu(OCN)2L2 and Cu(OCN)2L

J. Kohout and M. Quastlerov√°

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Copper(II) cyanate complexes with heterocyclic, nitrogen containing ligands, whose composition is Cu(OCN)2L2 (L is quinoline, isoquinoline or 2-methylquinoline) and Cu(OCN)2L (L is quinoline or 2-methylquinoline) were prepared. The magnetic susceptibilities of these complexes were measured at different temperatures and their diffusion reflexion spectra in the range 400—750 nm were recorded. The susceptibilities of the complexes Cu(OCN)2L2 obey practically the Curie law while the susceptibilities of the complexes Cu(OCN)2L obey the Curie—Weiss law and show negative values of the constant 0. The magnetic moments of the complexes Cu(OCN)2L2 which are 1.78 — 1.85 B. M., as well as the electronic spectra of these complexes are consistent with the supposed polymer distorted octahedral structure. In contrast, the magnetic moments of the complexes Cu(OCN)2L have at room temperature unusually high magnetic moments of 2.00 or 2.03 B. M., which slowly rise with decreasing temperature. On the basis of these facts and with regard to their stoichiometry, these complexes, in accordance with the actual theoretical notions, are supposed to have polymer structure in which the copper atoms are coordinated to form distorted trigonal bipyramids. The nitrogen atoms of the groups OCN and the L molecules occupy most probably the apexes of the base, whereas the oxygen atoms of the OCN groups are placed at greater distances on the main axis of the bipyramid. The electronic spectra of the complexes Cu(OCN)2L which exhibit absorption bands shifted to the long-wave range at 775 or 710 nm and greater intensity of these bands are in good agreement with the supposed structure.

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Chemical Papers 22 (10) 776–785 (1968)

Saturday, August 08, 2020

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