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Use of carbon indicator electrodes in potentiometric neutralization titrations. I. Graphite electrode in the mixed ethylene glycol-acetone medium

J. Berčík and M. Čakrt

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: In this paper, the application of an impregnated graphite indication electrode for Potentiometrie titrations in ethyleneglycol—acetone (2:1) was examined. By immersing the electrode into the aqueous 1 N-KMn04 in 1 N-H2S04 for 5 minutes the surface becomes activated forming a system the oxidation-reduction potential of which is dependent upon the activity of solvated protons. The results obtained when titrating acetic, monochloroacetic, trichloroacetic, phenylacetic, benzoic, o-chlorobenzoic, 3,5-dinitrobenzoic, hydrochloric, perchloric, nitric, formic, oxalic acid and the mixture acetic acid — trichloroacetic acid in ethyleneglycol — acetone 2 : 1 by volumetric solution of sodium propanol-2-ate in 2-propanol are of the same accuracy as when glass electrode was used. The advantage of the graphite electrode in non-aqueous solutions is mainly the low inner resistance and its duration.

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Chemical Papers 22 (10) 755–760 (1968)

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