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On Ferrocene Derivatives. XIX. Relative Basicity Examination of Ferrocene Analogues of Chalcones on the Basis of Infrared Spectra

Š. Toma and A. Perjéssy

Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Komenský University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The formation of a H bond between PhOH and ferrocene analogs of chalcones was investigated on the basis of stretching vibration shift of the phenolic OH group. Shifts Δν(OH) of chclcones of general formula FeCOCH:CHAr (type A) or those of general formula FeCH:CHCOAr (type B), where Fe = ferrocenyl, can be well correlated with σ+ consts. Shifts of chalcones PhCOC5H4FeC5H4COCH:CHAr (type C) are correlated either with σ or σ+ consts. σ and σ+ consts. were calcd. for ferrocenyl(Fc),2-thienyl, and 2-furyl. The relative basicity of chalcones decreased in the order: ferrocenyl » 2-furyl > 2-thienyl > Ph in all cases.

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Chemical Papers 23 (5) 343–351 (1969)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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