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Thermal behavior of peroxydiphosphates. I. Sodium peroxydiphosphate and its hydrates

B. Maliňák and J. Kolářová

Institut für anorganische Chemie der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät an der J. Ё. P urkyně-Universität, Brno


Abstract: The investigation of thermal properties of Na4P208 and its hydrates by the method of derivation thermography proved that the DTA curve of these substances is characterized by the exothermic decomposition effect to split off active oxygen. In the case of Na4P208, Na4P208 • H20, Na4P208 • 6H20 and Na4P208 • 20H2O the exothermic effect was found to have maximum at 300°C. By examination of the thermal decomposition of Na4P208  • 20H2O and Na4P20 • 6H20 an existence of Na4P208 • H20 was ascertained and the exact conditions of dehydration were determined. Thermal elimination of active oxygen from the monohydrate of the sodium peroxodiphosphate led to Na4P207 • H20 which loses water at 490-500°C. The IR spectra of this substance let us suggest the molecule of water to be of crystalline character.

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Chemical Papers 24 (4) 257–264 (1970)

Monday, July 15, 2024

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