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Hydroformylation of furan compounds

E. J. Mistrík and A. Mateides

Forschungsinstitut für Petrochemie, Nováky


Abstract: Hydroformylation of furan compounds under catalytic effect of dicobaltoctacarbonyl was carried out. The products were identified by infrared spectrophotometry and chromatographic analysis. On their basis as well as on the basis of the study of reaction rates there was proposed a mechanism of hydroformylation and homogeneous hydrogenation of furan compounds. The rate of hydroformylation of furan derivatives increases with increasing induction effect of the substituent. Furoic acid methyl ester is not hydroformylated, only homogeneously hydrogenated. Hydroformylation of furan compounds takes place in α-position. In the case of derivatives with unsaturated side chain the formyl group is added only to the side chain.

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Chemical Papers 25 (5) 350–358 (1971)

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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