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Contribution to the Reactivity of Cumyloxy Radical

R. Rado, V. Ďurďovič, and J. Potoček

Institute of Polymer s у Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 9


Abstract: In the present work the values of relative reactivity of the cumyloxy radical determined by chromatographic analysis of cumyl alcohol and acetophenone forming in cumyl peroxide decomposition in n-heptane, n-octane, isooctane, cyclohexane and toluene at the temperature of 145°C are shown. From the comparison of the values obtained with appropriate data for the tert-hutoxy radical it results that the relative selectivity of the cumyloxy radical is 3 ± 1 times higher than that of tert-butoxy radical. The study of cumyloxy radical reactivity is completed by the phenomenon observed in its reaction with the mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons where, in view of their individual pure components, there occurs the deviation from the additivity of transfer constants.

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Chemical Papers 25 (5) 321–326 (1971)

Monday, June 24, 2024

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