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Infrared spectra of different modifications of arsenic(III) oxide

D. Ležal and I. Srb

Institut für Radiotechnik und Elektroniky Tschechoslowakische Akademie der Wissenschaf ten 9 Prag


Abstract: The infrared absorption spectra of arsenic trioxide present in various morphological states were investigated by using different techniques of sample preparation. The characteristic absorption bands were found in the spectral regions of 250 cm-1 or 400—1600 cm-1 for the cubic, monoclinic, and glassy modification of arsenic trioxide. It was shown that the technique of KBr pellets was not suitable in this case since an interaction of both substances took place under formation of a parasitic absorption band at 630 cm-1. The minimum temperature and time necessary for the formation of the pure glassy modification of arsenic trioxide as well as the conditions of recrystallization were established. It may be deduced on the basis of absorption spectra comparison that the short range order of the glassy form rather resembles the monoclinic modification what is in logical agreement with the fact that these both forms are high-temperature modifications.

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Chemical Papers 25 (1) 32–43 (1971)

Monday, May 20, 2024

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