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Gas Chromatographie Analysis of the Products of Hydroisomerization of C8-Aromates on a Capillary Column Coated with Squalane

M. Bajus, J. Herain, J. Novansk√Ĺ, and D. Vallo

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Petroleum, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava 1


Abstract: A reaction mixture of hydroisomerization of C8 -aromates containing some 60 hydrocarbons has been analyzed on squalane at 49 and 55°C using reference compounds and elution data known in the literature. A linear function of the calculated elution indices vs. boiling points of the aromates, cyclanes, and C8-alkanes was obtained. Compared to the elution indices of the C8-alkanes, the elution indices of the C8-cyclanes and those of the C8-aromates are higher by 10 and lower by 5 index units, respectively.

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Chemical Papers 26 (6) 520–526 (1972)

Thursday, April 18, 2024

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