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 Kinetics of the reduction of oxalic acid by Сг(II) ions

P. Ševčík and Ľ. Treindl

Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Komenský University, 801 00 Bratislava


Abstract: The kinetics of redn. of oxalic acid by Cr(II) ions in aq. HClO4 soln. is described. The final product of this reaction is glycolic acid and some complexes consisting of Cr(III) and oxalic acid, which are formed by the catalytic effect of Cr(II) ions. The redox reaction is 2nd order in the concn. of Cr(II) ions and its rate increases with decreasing concn. of H ions. The effect of chelate-forming reagents on the stoichiometry and reaction rate was also studied. The reaction mechanism is discussed on the basis of kinetic data obtained from the time dependence of polarog. limiting diffusion currents of Cr(II) ions.

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Chemical Papers 27 (3) 306–312 (1973)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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