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Phase diagram of the system Li3AlF6—KCl. II. Experimental results

K. Matiašovský, I. Koštenská, and M. Malinovský

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 809 34 Bratislava


Abstract: The phase diagram of the system Li3AlF6 — KCl was studied using the ТА method and x-ray phase analysis. The investigated system was founďto be a simple eutectic quasi-binary system, the co-ordinates of the eutectic point being 25 mole % Li3AlF6 + 75 mole % KCl, tE = 620°C. The Li3AlF6 liquidus curve is practically linear, whilst the liquidus curve of KCl is expressively convex with respect to the concentration axis. The course of the KCl liquidus curve enables one to assume a total destruction of  Li3AlF6 molecules in the range of small concentrations of lithium cryolite.

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Chemical Papers 27 (3) 301–305 (1973)

Sunday, March 03, 2024

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