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FTIR Studies of Isomers and Hydrogen-Bonded Associates with the Amidine Moiety in Apolar Solvents

M. Darowska, T. Rudka, and E. D. Raczyńska

Department of Chemistry, Agricultural University, PL-02776 Warsaw, Poland



Received: 16 November 2002

Abstract: Infrared spectra were recorded in various apolar solvents for two compounds containing the amidine moiety (-NH-CH=N-): cyclic imidazole and acyclic N,N’-diphenylformamidine (which exists as a mixture of two isomers). Positions of the v(NH) and/or v(C=N) bands for monomers and dimers (linear and cyclic) are significantly different and may be used as an indicator of structural properties (rotational and geometrical isomerism as well as association). The free v(NH) linearly depend on the specific solvent basicity parameter. Isomerization in acyclic formamidine seems to be dependent on the volume of the solvent molecule and its intermolecular interactions with the amidine moiety.

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Chemical Papers 57 (3) 216–223 (2003)

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