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Synthesis and properties of ferrocene-containing polymers. Polymerization of 1-chloro-1'-ethynylferrocene

Cristofor Simionescu, T. Lixandru, Irina Mazilu, L. Tataru, and C. I Ghirvu

Iasi Polytech. Inst., Iasi, Rom.


Abstract:  The influence of chlorine both on the polymerization ability of the ethynylferrocene and on the properties of the synthesized polymers is studied. The experimental results are in good agreement with the data obtained by Hückel molecular orbital calculations and show that the reactivity of the halogenated monomer decreases in comparison with that of the unsubstituted one. The radical polymerization of l-chloro-l'-ethynylferrocene was carried out and the structure of the obtained polymers was determined. The electrophysical properties of these polymers rank them among the organic semiconductors.

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Chemical Papers 28 (6) 810–816 (1974)

Sunday, May 26, 2024

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