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Problems of the stability of the anion AlF63- in the molten system NaCl—Na3AlF6

I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský

Department of Inorganic Technology, Slovak Technical University, 88O 37 Bratislava


Abstract: The course of the liquidus curve of NaCl in the system NaCl-Na3AlF6 was measured. The system exhibits a eutectic point with the coordinates of 89 mole % NaCl, 11 mole % Na3AlF6, at 737°C. The soly. of Na3AlF6 in solid NaCl is negligible. Different dissocn. schemes of Na2AlF6 in this system with an excess of NaCl were discussed and the effect of the nature of dissocn. of Na3AlF6 on the liquidus of NaCl was detd. It has been proved that the assumption of the existence of the complex anions AlF63- in melts of this system is consistent with the course of the liquidus curve of NaCl in the concn. range of1.2-11.0 mole % Na3AlF6.

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Chemical Papers 28 (4) 553–560 (1974)

Saturday, August 08, 2020

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