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Evaluation of Atomic Spectrometry Methods for Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Soils, Soil Extracts, Plants, and Biota

J. Medveď, V. Streško, J. Kubová, and E. Chmielewská

Geological Institute, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, SK- 842 15 Bratislava



Received: 16 November 2002

Abstract: Three atomic spectrometry methods (FAAS, ETAAS, ICP-AES) for the determination of heavy elements (Cd, Cr, Ni, Pb, V) in soils, soil extracts, plants, and biota were evaluated and compared. The precision and accuracy of spectrometric measurements were checked by certified reference materials. The ETAAS is more suitable for the determination of the elements studied in environmental samples, primarily with respect to convenient determination limits than FAAS and ICP-AES. In this work the following metrological data for ETAAS were obtained: the precision (RSD) values were in the range from 5 % to 10.3 % for Cd; from 6.7 % to 13.3 % for Cr; frown 5.4 % to 14.1 % for Ni; from 4.4 % to 14.7 % for Pb, and from 8.5 % to 18.6 % for V; the detection limits - LOD (3&sigmablank criterion) for Cd were in the range 0.8-1.3 µg kg-1; for Cr 1.8-2.3 µg kg-1; for Pb 3.0-5.7 µg kg-1; for Ni 4.2.-5.9 µg kg-1; and for V 16.3-23.5 µg kg-1. The contents of elements obtained by the tested methods are in good agreement with the certified values of all used certified reference materials.

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Chemical Papers 57 (3) 169–171 (2003)

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