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Efficiency of Modified Dry Decomposition for the Determination of Cr, Mo, Ni, and Ti in Plants

D. Miholová, D. Kolihová, and J. Száková

Czech University of Agriculture, CZ- 165 21 Plague, Czech Republic



Received: 16 November 2002

Abstract: Efficiency of the different media for leaching of selected elements (Cr, Mo, Ni, Ti) from ash obtained by modified dry decomposition of plant materials in the presence of oxygen, ozone, and nitrous oxides using Dry Mode Mineralized APION at 400°C has been studied. Plant samples from IPE WEPAL interlaboratory exchange were used in the study. Data obtained for chromium molybdenum, and nickel were evaluated by z-score classification using their contents calculated by test organizers as title values. Since the quality of Ti data given by IPE organizers is insufficient to be used for the evaluation with z-score attempt, Ti results determined after evaporation of ash with HF as total contents were used for the evaluation of the efficiency of ash dissolution. Risk of analyte losses δ by the retention in insoluble residues from decomposition of plant samples increases in the order δ(Cr) ≤ δ(Mo) < δ(Ni) < δ(Ti).

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Chemical Papers 57 (3) 158–160 (2003)

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