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Study of the change in the mass-transfer coefficients in differential bed of a sorbent during its saturation with adsorbate

S. Kachaňák, A. Moncmanová, M. Petríková, J. Valtýni, and A. Žúžiová

Department of Inorganic Technology, Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract: Two methods based on exptl. obtained adsorption isotherm were used for the calcn. of the mass-transfer coeff. during the satn. of a sorbent. Using the relations between the concn. of adsorbate in adsorbent and time measured for different systems by these 2 methods the curves representing the mass-transfer coeff. as a function of time and sorbent satn. were obtained. The value of the mass-transfer coeff. changed during satn. for all systems investigated. This value decreased with increasing satn. of the sorbent due to the increasing resistance to the mass transfer in the solid phase.

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Chemical Papers 29 (5) 637–644 (1975)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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