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Studies of solid-liquid phase equilibrium in binary mixtures of alkaline earth and alkali metal bromides

H.-H. Emons, G. Braeutigam, and W. Horlbeck

Sekt. Chem., Anorg.-Tech. Chem., Tech. Hochsch. 'Carl Schorlemmer', Merseburg, Ger. Dem. Rep.


Abstract: Using the method of thermal analysis the following binary systems of the type "solidus—liquidus" formed by alkali earth and alkali metal bromides have been verified: CaBr2 —LiBr, CaBr2 —NaBr, CaBr2 —KBr, SrBr2 —NaBr, BaBr2 —NaBr. Concerning these systems there are partly considerable differences in the literature. The phase diagrams of the systems CaBr2 —RbBr (2 E, 1 D), CaBr2 —CsBr (2 E, 1 D), MgBr2 —RbBr (3 E, 2 D), and MgBr2 —CsBr (4 E, 3 D) have been established first (E = eutectic, D = dystectic).

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Chemical Papers 30 (6) 748–758 (1976)

Monday, November 11, 2019

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